When Bryce was about six years old, his mother and father received a visit from a cousin whose grandparents had emigrated from England to Minnesota in the USA. His father had gone out to do some jobs on the farm and whilst his mother prepared a meal, to keep young Bryce entertained the visitor told him a tale about a wolf that had stolen a dog puppy and about how that puppy when grown up had been seen a year or more later running with a small pack of wolves. Bryce had no idea if the story was true. He never saw the distant relative again after that visit, and no member of his family was ever able to recall much about him. But the story had been so vividly told that it remained firmly fixed in the young boy’s mind and over the years it became expanded and embroidered in daydreams and fantasies. And so, the story of Rhamin was born.
With a degree in law, Bryce chose not to become a lawyer but instead, became a farmer, living and raising his family in Llanelli, Wales. With his deep love of nature, he has produced a story so full of social comparisons between wolves and men, and he brings their shared paranormal and social elements together so realistically, that they are believable.