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Rhamin by Bryce Thomas

Described as an easy read, Rhamin, was published in June 2010. It went straight to the Wales’ bestseller list in August and has been consistently in the top ten bestsellers listed by the Welsh Books Council, often reaching number one.
Originally written for young teenagers, Rhamin has turned out to be one of the most popular new novels that have transcended all age groups in the last few years. Customers from 9 to ninety have bought the book and many have sent e-mails to Bryce Thomas to say that once they started reading the novel they couldn’t put it down.
A story about real wolves and real children, and where betrayal leads to some wolves needing help to survive, one of the pack discovers at a crucial moment that it can communicate with two children. With a good element of the paranormal, and told from the wolves’ perspective, Rhamin is a light, fantasy adventure with lots of danger, drama and suspense that keeps you turning the pages to the very last page. With a couple of humourous characters as well, one critic described Rhamin as a potential classic that will be read by people of all ages for generations to come.

So many readers were asking if he had another book to follow, that the publishers, Thomas Hamilton & Co, of Harrow, commissioned a sequel.

Lucy Lockhart

Lucy Lockhart by Bryce ThomasLucy Lockhart is A fantasy adventure about two teenage girls. After an emergency operation and being in a coma, Lucy finds she can do things she couldn’t do before. When she meets up with Loanne, who can use her dark side with her paranormal abilities then the mix is destined to unleash events that will transform their lives forever.

Rhamin II: Blue Tooth

Blue Tooth, the sequel to Rhamin by Bryce ThomasWhen Ben and Margo’s cousin turns up at the farm it means trouble. Thirteen year old Elsie does not intend making life easy for the family and certainly has no intention of getting swept up in the whole senseless wolf business. Wolves and people just do not communicate with their minds. But when they become embroiled in Rhamin’s life or death fight for survival, it turns out not to be just the wolves’ battle. The whole family is propelled into a torrent of perilous events where wolves and children depend on each other for survival. Pursued by one enemy, wolves and children fail to reckon on all the others, and when they are cornered by their pursuers it becomes unclear just who are Rhamin’s enemies. Splitting up so that some may survive means that some will ultimately die. In the end it is the enemies of the Rhamin pack that decide.

Blue Tooth is the second novel in the Rhamin Series by Bryce Thomas.
Bryce Thomas’s debut novel, Rhamin, won the WBC Publishers Award for the Bestselling Children’s Book 2012 for UK and International sales.

The Last Spell

The last Spell by Bryce ThomasA fortune hunter, a witch, a mad scientist, a homicidal ship’s captain and a megalomaniac. Not much in common except that, in 1854, as each one tries to control their own destiny, they will all permanently alter the lives of the others. Unfortunately each one’s future depends on possessing The Seal, and all of their futures depend on one or more of their adversaries dying. But none had reckoned on the five creatures called The Marox.