No one could have been more surprised than me when my first novel Rhamin became a publishing success. Of course, I wished for it, but how often do our wishes really come true? Now, people I meet at book signing events regularly ask me for advice on writing. Me! It seems that I have a writing style that many people like. I can admit that it took many years of writing stories to come up with the right one for me and one thing I regret is not having studied English at a higher level than what were in my day called GCE ‘O’ levels. I am, however a stickler for good grammar and I don’t believe any written work is the worse for it.

So what is my advice to those who ask? Well, I have never been one to take advice myself. I ask for it but I choose what I want to do with it when I have got it. So I tell people: “This is What Works For Me.” I accept that some people will disagree with some of my ideas and opinions. Great! Then let’s have yours. I have never stopped learning and never want to stop. I read many genres of fiction and hundreds of factual books. I just recently finished reading a layman’s book about particle physics.

So, over the next few weeks I will go through some of my favourite ways of how I attempt to make my writing compelling reading. After that it is up to those who follow me on my website or on Facebook to do with it what they please. My Facebook page is Rhamin by Bryce Thomas (Just enter Rhamin), where all my books are open to discussion).

See you next week.