The Difference Between Writing A Book And Thinking About It

BRYCE THOMAS, a local author from Llanelli will be giving a speech in The Atrium at the Diplomat Hotel in Felinfoel, Llanelli, on April 23rd where at 7.00 pm he will be talking about The Art of Writing a Novel. Discussing how writing turned from a pastime to an obsession, his talk: The Difference Between Writing A Book And Thinking About It,  will take about forty five minutes, and will be followed by general discussion and a book signing event.

Admittance to the event will be free.

Since the publication of his first Bestselling Novel Rhamin in 2010, Bryce Thomas has seen his books sold to readers all over the world. In what is becoming his latest blockbuster title, The Last Spell, Bryce Thomas gives readers a whirlwind, page-turning, novel about a witch, a fortune hunter and a mad scientist. In a story that takes you to the very last page before you know if the hero lives or dies, he introduces, new to literature, The Five Marox, characters that have left readers demanding more of the same.

About Bryce Thomas: He says. ‘When I was a child I played like a child, I spoke like a child and I did childish things. But when I became a wolf….

‘Anthropomorphism is as popular as ever with readers, and for stories told from the wolves’ perspective, thinking like my characters and relating what is in their hearts and minds is paramount. I write character-driven novels and I attempt to draw the reader into identifying with each character (good or bad, animal or human) as they arrive on the page. Most of all I want my readers to be so engaged in and absorbed by the story that, if only for a short time, they leave behind their own lives and existence. Because it is in my character to be quite mad, all my novels contain humour, not so much in what is said, but by the actions and reactions of the characters. Also, over the years I have seen and heard of many things that are, if not stranger than, certainly as weird and wonderful as fiction, and, as  result of those personal experiences, all my novels contain some paranormal elements.’


Diplomat talk april 23rd.